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Murdoch and the garden walls

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Has Mr Murdoch lost his mind?

Rupert, in an interview with Sky News, suggested that he wants to de-index all of News Corp’s articles from search engines.

“The fact is there isn’t enough advertising in the world to make websites profitable. We’d rather have fewer people coming to our websites, but paying.”

In his mind, search engines are plagiarists who are ripping off his company and the way to actually make ‘serious money’ is to build a wall around the Garden of Content.

Who do you think will be the bigger loser in this — the search engines (who are already aggregating thousands of other content rivals), or News Corp itself? Or consumers?

Discovery is a key element in the News Journey (Discovery -> Consumption -> Re-distribution). Closing yourself off from search engines removes any chance of you pulling a new and wider audience. Will Murdoch also curb re-distribution via social networks?

Stay away from the walled garden, Mr Murdoch.


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  1. […] story follows an odd but provoking hint by News Corp’s Chairman Rupert Murdoch who suggested he was ready to de-index his content […]

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