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Second take: Is AOL’s algo editorial strategy smart?

I guess you can’t be too quick to say no to AOL’s rumored algorithm “robot” editorial strategy (covered in the previous post).

TBI Research has put out an interesting report that says the plan could actually be quite “smart.”

This is how TBI is looking at it:

– This is all about Search in what is an increasingly fragmented content market; the move will pull in more referral traffic.

– It makes sense to give audiences what they want (duh!!).

– It easily allows AOL to create the custom microsites or “experiences” for advertisers.

– By dealing with a market of freelancers, the amount of AOL’s fixed costs will decrease.

I completely agree with the TBI Research report. But it still leaves one lingering issue: AOL will still need to hire an army of copy editors and fact checkers — and that’s costly.


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