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Yahoo! plays its trump card, joins Facebook Connect

It’s always good to see giants playing nice.

Yahoo! is the latest media company to join Facebook Connect, playing its best hand yet in its strategy to go “open.” Early disclosure: I work for Yahoo!.

In a nutshell, this brings together two massive audiences: Yahoo!’s more than 500 million users worldwide and Facebook’s 350 million (give or take ten million!).

Yahoo’s users will be able to link their activities and content such as photos and videos straight into Facebook sometime in the first half of 2010.

It’s a smart gamble — stuff that Yahoo! users share on Facebook could very well drive traffic back into the company’s network. Skeptical? Just check out what Facebook Connect did for Huffington Post. HuffPo’s traffic surged almost 50 percent in a matter of months.

Bottom line: Higher user engagement at Yahoo! — and more importantly, a chance for the online giant to dip its toes into a new audience pool.


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