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A Guide to the 'Now' Revolution in News / by Alan Soon

The ‘Now’ Revolution arrives at Google Search

This is the biggest shift in the “now” revolution for the search industry.

Google first announced realtime search for its Finance product last week. And now, realtime results have been rolled out on the company’s flagship search product.

This shouldn’t be a surprise since the company announced its partnership with Twitter and Facebook about a month ago. It is however a significant step forward in the “now” revolution.

You can try this out for yourself — just click on “latest” in the “show options panel.” If you’re looking at a developing news event for example, you’ll not only see the latest blogs popping up, you’ll also get the latest from Twitter feeds.

Staying up to date has never been more exciting. It would be interesting to see how advertisers and marketers can leverage this.

So what’s Bing and Yahoo! gonna do about it?


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