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SCMP cuts 30 editorial jobs

South China Morning Post, the English-language daily from Hong Kong, has reportedly cut 30 editorial jobs, apparently as part of a plan to restructure the company.

According to the AFP, which cited an internal memo circulated among staff by the Post’s Editor-in-Chief Reginald Chua, the company wants to remove the reporting teams from the actual production of the paper.

This would be the first big move by Chua, who was appointed to the post in July. He was formerly Deputy Managing Editor at the Wall Street Journal in New York, where he oversaw the Journal’s “computer-assisted reporting capabilities.”

It sounds as though Chua is re-allocating the company’s reporting resources to further support a digital function, which would make sense. So many newspapers are still hamstrung by their “core” product, refusing a great opportunity to lead the audience and dialogue through their online properties. Yes, I get it, advertisers are still paying for newspaper placements and online is merely a “bonus” in the package. But all that is quickly changing — digital is leading the newsflow. And remember, dailies aren’t in the newspaper business; they’re in the news business.


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