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A Guide to the 'Now' Revolution in News / by Alan Soon

Tweetdeck goes primetime at Sky News

Sky News is installing Tweetdeck on all computers, marking a significant shift in the thinking at live TV newsrooms.

This is a clear endorsement of the role of Twitter in the ‘now’ revolution as a tool to track and gather news and other information. TV newsrooms have been slow in making that shift, so kudos to Sky News for leading that change.

Sky has always been an early adopter, having appointed Ruth Barnett as social media or “Twitter correspondent” as early as March 2009. That move put Twitter in the center of the company’s online breaking news strategy. The Sky News account detects when new stories are getting posted and distributes them across Twitter. Sky also recently started the @skynewsbreak account, which broadcasts breaking stories first on Twitter before they appear on the company’s own website. Sacred cows are getting slaughtered in 140 characters.

And there’s more coming. Facebook Connect is apparently on the roadmap ahead of this year’s general election. The site will also be using more liveblogging to stir conversations.

What’s your newsroom doing with Twitter?


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