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Foursquare — a far more interesting tool for journalists

Call me unambitious, but I really don’t care about being Mayor. Neither do I care about collecting those Boy Scout badges.

However, I’m interested in how journalists can use Foursquare in sourcing stories and seeding dialogue.

It has the potential of being a good source of stories, no different from a good Twitter feed. It’s a channel for:

  • Transportation: Traffic accidents and which streets to avoid, airport chaos
  • Economy: Store closures, where to find the lowest gas prices
  • Political: Strikes, protests
  • Crime: Bar fights, break-ins
  • Trust me, it won’t be long before we start seeing stories generated by these tip-offs on Foursquare.

    But one of the best uses of Foursquare and its GPS feature is in disaster coverage. In floods, earthquakes and other disasters, GPS location could make it easier to pinpoint emergency needs.

    How are you using Foursquare as a journalist?

    (Photo/Creative Commons: PinkMoose, Flickr)


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