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It’s the screen, stupid

The whole conversation about PC versus Mobile is sooo 2009. So let’s put it behind us once and for all.

It’s not about the mobile device. It’s simply the screen size, stupid.

The social publishing service Scribd is trying to carve a niche for itself as a universal adaptor. Its founder told the Wall Street Journal that it will soon launch a feature for users to “send to mobile” most of its 10 million documents stored on the site.

Don’t get me wrong. This is an incredible feature (one more excuse for me to buy an e-reader!), but let’s stop calling it “mobile.” The goal here is content agility — single content on multiple screen sizes, whether that’s the iPhone, Android, iPad or Kindle, or whatever else that arrives on the scene.

WordPress does this especially well. This blog looks great on a PC. But try it on your mobile phone and WordPress automatically detects a smaller screen and delivers a cleaner version of this page.

I’ve been frustrated at the number of news networks that failed to get this right. Sites like the BBC are still unable to detect when I’m on an iPod Touch or any other non-PC device; I’m still served the desktop page making browsing painful.

What’s your favorite site on a small screen?

(Photo/Creative Commons: steve.hubbard, Flickr)


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