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Surprise! The news consumer isn’t as predictable as you may think

A new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project and the Project for Excellence in Journalism is shedding more light on what Americans do online. Some of the trends are surprising (the parts in italics are mine).

1. 61% say they get some kind of news online. That’s seven percentage points above radio. So, are online ads doing as well as radio’s?

2. The majority of consumers (57%) say they rely on just two to five sites for their news. It would be good to see how aggregator sites do on this trend.

3. The weather is still the most popular online news subject (81% of users) followed by national events, health and business. Notice how “local” isn’t on that list?

4. News consumption is a social activity. 75% of those surveyed said they get the news forwarded via email or posts on social networking sites. 25% have commented on stories, but only 3% have Tweeted about news.

5. News is pocket-sized and portable. The biggest use of mobile news: Weather (26%).

6. The personalized “Daily Me” news. 40% of users say an important feature of a news site is the ability to customize the news they get from it. Oddly, only 28% have actually done so.

Are you just as surprised by this report as I am?


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