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Hashtag journalism: A study of Twitter in Australian political news

Ahead of an expected election this year, a core group of influential journos in the Canberra Press Gallery have been tweeting their way on the campaign trail.

Julie Posetti at PBS’ MediaShift has a great post on the use of Twitter by Australian journalists to cover the ins and outs of what happens in Canberra. As part of her investigations into how Twitter is changing journalism, she’s found that:

  • Twitter is a new dissemination point for breaking political news
  • Collegiality is being fostered between tweeting political journalists
  • Journos are linking to long-form stories on their own companies, but more interestingly, also to their rivals
  • Journos are posting photos to illustrate the mood and feel of the situation

  • This is a fascinating prelude if you will, to the other upcoming election in the region — that of the Philippines on May 10th. It would be interesting to see how the coverage plays out on traditional media and social news. I suspect Twitter will play a large part in that.

    I was recently at a Purple Thumb conference organized by Yahoo! (where I work) to discuss the changing media landscape and how social media could change the way this election is covered. One point that came up over and over again was that despite the variety of new social tools, traditional values are more important now than ever. That means the basics like getting the facts right, great story telling and covering both sides.

    I can’t wait to see what political journos in the Philippines do with Twitter. If you’re a reporter in the Philippines, I’d love to hear from you.


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