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Ok, now I want an iPad

I recognize that I’ve been quick to dismiss Apple’s iPad; now I want one.

When I first saw the keynote by Steve Jobs, I thought to myself how lame it was — that really, the iPad is nothing more than a bigger iPod Touch or an iPhone.

I’ve come around to see that there’s more to that. In many ways, it is just a larger screen, but the iPad will give content publishers a new and far more interesting way to distribute and engage their audiences.

So what got me going? This video by Wired and Adobe. Check out what Wired wants to do with its articles on an iPad. Then come back and tell me if this doesn’t get you going.

And if you haven’t already heard, the iPad hits the shelves in the U.S. on April 3. It reaches Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK in late April.


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One Response

  1. lucius young says:

    I wonder how much magazines will cost in the future, with all the interactive elements included and still have to push them out monthly!

    But i want an Ipad so that I can draw on it!haha
    Probably the 2 Generation though

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