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What do you get for $1.99?

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What does $1.99 get you in terms of content?

The Washington Post this week started an interesting conversation about what consumers will pay for news on the iPhone.

Instead of building a paywall like the New York Times, the Post is playing with a $1.99 iPhone app that gets you a full year of “customized access and offline reading.

This marks a major shift in thinking — away from paywall desktop revenue models to the mobile phone, where in the iPhone ecosystem, many consumers are already comfortable making micropayments.

According to paidContent, the Guardian’s iPhone app was downloaded about 100,000 times from December to February. That’s pretty good for an app that sold for $3.99.

At $1.99, the Washington Post’s attempt to find a revenue foothold is admirable. “It’s not really so much about this from the point of view of a large revenue stream, but trying to gauge how our readers react to paying for content,” Goli Sheikholeslami, VP and GM for the digital ops at the Post told Nieman Journalism Lab. “It really provides us with a platform for experimentation.”

So where does this leave the desktop?


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  1. jakrapong says:

    The revenue from mobile application is still under the category of “additional revenue”. However, it is a good way to earn some revenue and also learning what does new generation of reader want.

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