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China’s Ministry of Truth and the Google affair

Ever wondered what instructions from a government censor sound like?

China’s so-called “Ministry of Truth” was out in force after the Google affair this past week, issuing specific instructions to Chinese media companies about what to avoid in coverage.

According to the China Digital Times, a news service run by the Berkeley China Internet Project, ordered among other things:

  • Not to hold discussions or investigations on the Google topic
  • To remove all text, photos or videos that dedicated flowers to Google or asked Google to stay
  • Not to report Google’s press releases
  • Sure, local media companies will have to comply. But good luck on trying to control the Twitter stream.

    (Photo/Creative Commons: thaths, Flickr)


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    One Response

    1. interesting stuff.

      we debated some of it here:

      we should have u on the show sometime to discuss media.

      crazy times!

      keep blogging!

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