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BBC’s website gets an design update

The BBC’s new redesigned news home page went live today. There’s a video summary of all the new features, but somehow, someone somewhere in the company figured it didn’t make sense to allow users to embed their corporate video. Duh.

In a nutshell, the site features more space for the main stories of the day and a better indication of the most recent headlines. It’s also easier to share stories on social media networks.

The redesign has already met with criticism. Journalist Louise Bolotin says despite the overall freshness of the site, the redesign excludes features necessary for the visually impaired:

The old version of BBC News offered a low-graphics option to readers – this was not only ideal for users still using dial-up or accessing the site with a mobile phone, it was also perfect for people with visual impairments. The simple format meant it could be easily read not just by people living with near blindness but also those with other visual problems such as dyslexia. Not any more.


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