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From WordPress to Tumblr… and back to WordPress again

After a brief, 2-month flirt with Tumblr, I’m back to WordPress again. Here’s why:

Dashboard: The truth is, I never got used to the way Tumblr was presenting the bloggers I followed. My dashboard was a mess — a bizarre collection of comic photos, serious articles and bits of quotes hanging around. I couldn’t see past the forest; I never got to the trees.

Discovery: Discovery of new blogs was also poor. The directory of sites wasn’t comprehensive enough and often failed to help me find anyone interesting to follow.

SEO: Discovery of Tumblr blogs is poor on Google. When was the last time you found your way to a Tumblr blog via Google? ‘Nuff said.

Short-form blogging: Most importantly, micro-blogging on Tumblr never caught on with me. I use Twitter for all the “micro” stuff. And I’m already connected to a wider community on Twitter. Why change?

Themes and widgets: Tumblr has a great collection of ready-to-wear themes. These covered 80 percent of what I needed. Unfortunately, I never found a (free) theme that sat well with me. Many themes were also missing important features, such as Twitter streams. It’s the basics that matter.


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  1. Vernessa says:

    Hi Alan – You make a good point about the lack of SEO benefits when using Tumblr. I’ve never considered it as a replacement for WordPress for many of the other reasons you’ve named. But it does work for me as a place to share condensed versions of the long step-by-step guides and tutorials I write in my WordPress blog.

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