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Public media API — it’s worth watching

Poynter’s Mallary Jean Tenore reports that journos from American Public Media, Public Radio Exchange, PBS and NPR have been putting together specs that would help these public media organizations collaborate and distribute content across platforms.

The goal is an API that developers, creators and publishers can tap into.

It makes sense. The future of journalism will be less competitive on the production side of things; rather, it will be more collaborative.

Production of content — the assigning, gathering, reporting, creation — represents a big investment on part of media companies. Often, there is plenty of overlap. TV stations will send individual satellite trucks to press conferences while reporters will be dispatched to cover the same stories. That overlap could be better managed through collaboration. The goal is the fast, accurate and efficient distribution of news.

“We think through the power of public media networks, the whole will be greater than the sum of the parts,” Joel Sucherman, the program director of Project Argo at NPR, told Poynter.

This is worth watching.

(Illustration: psd/Creative Commons)


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