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Analytics and the modern digital newsroom

It’s never easy to have a conversation with news editors about the role of analytics in the modern newsroom.

If you were to send an online editor to a traditional newsroom and ask for a deck on a “content strategy” that governs what gets published, where and why, you’d end up with blank faces.

News judgement as we know it is changing rapidly. At the heart of it, the question of “what makes a good story” is constantly re-defined thanks to the use of analytics in online newsrooms.

In a recent survey by Reynolds Journalism Institute, 49 percent of editors polled said they make decisions on what to cover based partially on analytics reports. That means 51 percent of editors are still making decision based on traditional judgement.

There’s clearly room to grow. Newsbeat was launched just a month ago, providing powerful tools to help break down your web traffic.

Here are some other analytics tools for the modern newsroom:

  • Visual Revenue
  • Newstogram
  • JumpTime
  • Publishflow
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