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News Corp’s “The Daily” fails to find an audience. Surprised?

So how long do you think Rupert Murdoch will keep the Daily going?

According to Bloomberg, News Corp’s “The Daily” is getting about 120,000 readers a week. That’s nowhere close to the 500,000 readers the company said it needs to be profitable.

The iPad-only publication was a big experiment not just for News Corp but the entire industry that is keen to test the value of scarcity in online content. “We believe the Daily will be the model for how stories are told and consumed,” Murdoch said in February.

Just to put it in context, the following newspapers have circulations of 120,000: The Blade in Toledo, Ohio and the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, New York.

That’s not the kind of scale Murdoch is used to.


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WSJ Social: I still don’t get it.

WSJ Social: Exciting strategy but poorly executed on Facebook

The thought of the internet as Facebook is scary.

So it’s even scarier when a major news publication like the Wall Street Journal decides to open a store front on Facebook — without linking back to the

Treating Facebook as the internet is exactly what WSJ Social is doing. I’ve been trying this out since it launched over a week ago. I get the strategy: Be everywhere your audience is. Clever, because that’s rule #1 of all social strategies. Scary, because it means that the WSJ may have opened the door to the next stage of online news content: Only on Facebook.

This model however isn’t as unique as it sounds. Cable companies have widened their engagement of users from TVs to other platforms such as PCs and mobile devices.

But strategy aside, I don’t think WSJ is going to get far with this social app.

Part of the goal, it seems, is to test a new user engagement model for WSJ by getting users to see themselves as “editors” and to customize their concept of news to other people in WSJ Social. I’ve tried it; and I still don’t know what I’m supposed to do. So what if I’m hitting “Like?” Well, there is apparently a “game-ified” layer to this where curators with the highest following appear on a leaderboard. I may be missing the point here.

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